Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the beginning .......

Well here goes nothing....

First we joined Face Book and now we have a blog, what next running marathons and riding on little skinny bike seats for hours upon hours? Wait, we already do that.

Well since several of our friends have asked how they can stay up to date on what we're doing and since Face Book doesn't seem to be the answer, we're here, hope you enjoy and stay in touch.

This upcoming weekend is race weekend, Kevin and I will be running the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll marathon and we are ready. This will be Kevin's second marathon and my first and we are trained and ready to race. Since this is our last race of the year, we're going to take a deserved break and go watch several of our friends and training buddies race Ironman Arizona next weekend.

So until next time when we update you on the marathon and our busy upcoming 2009,


Chris & Kevin