Sunday, March 8, 2009

As the world turns.......

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Spring has arrived in Central Texas and we're loving every minute of it (training update below).

Kevin and I are doing great, staying healthy and on Tuesday 3/17, we will be celebrating 12 great years together. Raise you green beer in a toast to us.

Work is keeping both of us very busy, but we are lucky enough to still have work and give thanks everyday for all we have. We have great friends and a wonderful family and we wish everyone life, love, and happiness.

Well the Ironman to be is entering week 9 of the 24 week training plan and it is going very well. The normal aches and pains are there but nothing stretching, massages and occasional rest doesn't fix. Some of our teammates have been sharing tips and things to consider as you go on this journey and even though I'm not training for an Ironman I've picked up tips from their advice and past experience. Like they say "you're never to old to learn and you should strive to learn something everyday."

My training is going great and earlier today I went back to race where I did my first multi-sport race last year hoping to improve.

My gear was totally different than last year so I was prepared to lay it all out. That pretty much what I did and improved in a major way; 1st place Clydesdale age group. This is one of the best race sites I've competed on and the race organizers and volunteers are great. One of my teammates John, carpooled down with me and competed in his road racing multi-sport event. Good job John!! Also, great job to Amy & Brandon Marsh overall male and female winners, Adam Stroobandt & Missy Ruthven for both finishing first in their age groups.

Now it's time to turn the training book page and prepare for Lonestar Half-Ironman on April 5th. Kevin will be competing in his first tri of the season and I will be riding the bike leg of my relay team with Darcy swimming, and Tim running, wish us all luck.

Until next time, be safe and smile a lot the world needs it

Chris & Kevin