Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Marathon Update

Well the Austin marathon is all but a memory now and what a good but painful memory it is.

After fighting allergies for two weeks, a trip to visit my family in Detroit the weekend before and a three day business trip to Atlanta race day finally arrived. The morning was nice and chilly just like we wanted it to be and I felt pumped to run this race in my home city. Everything started out great and I was ahead of pace through mile 10. The blisters I felt coming on at mile 6 were blocked out of my mind and I was having a great race through mile 15. That's when the fast pace in the beginning started coming back to haunt me in a really bad way and by mile 20 the marathon monster was riding me like nobodies business. The last 6 miles finished with a run/walk approach because that's all I could do to finish the race. But in the last two miles the crowds were getting thick and I knew it was time to turn it on. So at mile 24 1/2 I splashed water on my face to get ready for the cameras and to finish strong and that's what I did. I looked great crossing the finish line but as I have been told and can now say it's never as good as the first time.

Below is a link to some of the pictures from the race.

Big thanks to Kevin, Darcy, Carlos and all of my other friends who were out there cheering us runners on.

Bring on the Marine Corps Marathon October 25, 2009 in Washington D.C.!!